About Folliderm


Folliderm is a one-stop solution for all your concerns related to hair, skin and nails. Folliderm has been recognised as having world-class facilities equipped with the latest technology in hair transplant, cosmetic lasers and skin care. 

To keep our customers happy and satisfied is an integral part of our policy. So, we have designed our workspace to let you feel more comfortable. The warm, pleasant, relaxing atmosphere helps you stay calm, throughout your stay at Folliderm.

Our staff members are the backbone of our institution/clinic. Each one of them is specialized in their respective jobs, thus making our work smooth and transparent. Only by their support and services can we promise you the best results. What makes our team unique is, their kind, affectionate and hospitable attitude towards patients. It is not only their subject expertise but all team members feel happy adhering to your needs.

The sequence of expressing our care and hospitality starts right from the reception. The person in charge of the reception is prepared to address all your queries with utmost sincerity and patience. In fact, all of us at Folliderm are at your service at all times. We understand that journey of your experience and strive to provide you the best experience. We are also available for you any time after you have received our services. Our priority is to give you the best results through our services

Folliderm has a team of doctors and experts (Click here to know about our doctors) who are continuously striving to provide the best hair transplant result and skin care services to our clients. Remember us for the most advanced Direct Hair Transplant (DHT) in Nepal as well as other hair and skin care services.

About Clinic

Welcome to a healthcare estate that feels like home. The green and beautiful passage leading to the Folliderm building is decorated in a way such that it leaves a lasting impression. Green implies nature. And following our theme, we not only promise you the best results… but “best natural results.” Folliderm building is deliberately kept in a way so that you always feel like home. The modern steel and glass mess has been replaced with a garden all around the building. This is our way of welcoming you to Folliderm’s happy, natural environment. It is situated amidst nature helps us provide a unique and relaxed experience. Our infrastructure is well managed and hygienic to ensure the best hair transplant experience in Nepal.